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Basic Hair Care Tips for Men

Here are a few hair care techniques to keep your hair healthy and looking good. Take a few moments to learn how to keep your hair in the best possible condition. 1: Use a Natural, Gentle Shampoo.
Over time, the product that you put on your hair can build up, and make your hair look dull and lifeless. You can buy shampoos that will remove this build up.


The Perfect Haircut comes from Understanding Head Shapes

Part of the challenge to the perfect haircut is understanding your head shape.  VIP Barbers are professionally trained to assess your hair type, head shape and what you want and expect in the perfect haircut.  When you sit down in our chair we will discuss what you want and need.  Our barbers will listen to your request and suggest any improvements they may see.


Most Requested Business Haircuts For Men

As reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2015, 39% of Americans are employed in white collar jobs.   If you work in a career that has a dress code, chances are hairstyles are covered in your dress code.